I was once where you are now!

Around this time four years ago, I was preparing to leave my country for the first time to study in the UK.

Education was finally going to take me to obodo oyibo! It was like a dream to me, my father was willing to give up buying the piece of land he had saved up for just to pay my fees, and so I had to make sure this investment was worth every penny!

The challenge was that I didn’t know what to expect, I had many questions; what was it like to learn in an English classroom? What was it like to learn with people from other nationalities? What was the style of teaching? What should I do to guarantee the maximum return on my father’s investment? Should I use the same strategies that worked for me in Nigeria?

I had no one to answer these questions. I was worried that my Nigerian education wasn’t good enough and I was under so much internal pressure to succeed.

At the end of that roller coaster experience, I can say I made it! It worked out in the end. Even though it was the most stressful and challenging endeavor I had ever embarked on, it ended well. I made the most of that experience, by God’s grace!

Yes, God’s grace was sufficient for me, but grace to do what?

See, gone are the days when you go to school and only study hard. I didn’t only study, I had to combine different strategies. The system was so different that I struggled at the beginning, my Nigerian strategies didn’t always work. I had to figure out so many things the hard way and I wished I had someone to tell me many things at the beginning - my life would have been much easier!

Are you currently where I was four years ago? Are you going abroad (UK) to study for the first time? Let me tell you all I know and experienced during my time as a student in the UK. I know people who couldn’t complete their courses just because of how difficult it was – let’s make sure that isn’t you! Just maybe my story, lessons and experience will better prepare you to take on this new adventure.

Do you know anyone who needs this? Please tell them about me.

I have put together a guide on 5 key strategies that will help you succeed as an international student, it worked for me.

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