Passion Led Me Here

I met a young man sometime in 2015, few months after I began working at Oxford University. After we conversed for some minutes, he said to me; we are looking for a researcher in Abuja, would you like to work with us?

Ehnn! Me that just came to Oxford?  Back to Nigeria ke?

No, I didn’t say that! It was just in my head!

I told him, you know what? I know people, I will post it on Facebook, I will ask my contacts. Which I did. I looked for anybody I thought would be suitable for the job.

Few months down the line, I asked everybody I referred, none of them got it! I think in the end, a non-Nigerian took up that role.

You must have been wondering why I’m doing all these things. What has gotten over this girl that she won’t let us hear word about education again? I have had the above encounter more times since that first one I described above!

A country with thousands of unemployed youth, yet they keep asking people who already have jobs "in the abroad" to come back to work for them. I asked myself one question, what if I can take all this my knowledge and teach these skills to young people who need these jobs so that they can take on this kind of roles?

Then began my journey as an aspiring change maker. (Epiphany after epiphany).

You see all this writing, blogging, advocating and the more that is coming? It isn’t charity! I am on a mission.

For this mission to be successful, I need people, I need resources, I need ideas, I need hard work, I need commitment! I do not need people who have come to take and are not ready to give anything back in return!

I need people who will give their time, their resources, their energy and their ideas. I need people who will spread the word! I need people who will give what it takes to receive what they want or want to see in our nation. We must end the mentality of taking and taking and taking only, that is what has destroyed our nation Nigeria. Life is guided by the principles of giving and taking!

Nothing in life is free! You must sow to reap. If you are reaping where you haven’t sown it simply means you are denying another human being of their harvest.

I will give my time and resources, my knowledge, my experience, my networks (my greatest asset) and all I can to make sure that something changes in someone’s life today and something changes in our education system tomorrow.

My first circle of influence is those students going to study abroad for the first time. Especially those who have a first degree in Nigeria and are going for one-year masters.

That transition was no joke to me. It was very challenging; however, I succeeded! I know people who didn’t. I want to help them maximize this time as students pointing them in all the right directions. While figuring the main issue I was discussing above. Trust me I’m working on it (night work).

I am proud to announce that I have put together an online course to help students who are in similar situations as I was in 2013 as an international student from Nigeria.

I look in the mirror and I am so proud of the woman I have become, putting together this online course is a very big accomplishment for me. It took a lot of time, sleepless nights, finances, energy and emotions to get me to this point, but I did it.

I did it just for you, to ensure you succeed. With time, I will do more but for now I am celebrating the first fruit of my passion-filled 2017.

Everything you need to know about this online course can be found here: The Clever Way to Study Abroad and Be Positioned For Success.

If it is not for you, be rest assured that there is someone on your contact list that it is for, please do not deprive them of this opportunity.

Passion led me here, and there's still a long way to go.

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