Frequently Asked Questions

I hope this answers any question you might have with regards to the online course.

Who is the course for: The course is designed for the typical fresher from Nigeria who has come to the UK for a postgraduate degree, but it is specially tailored for master’s students.

Why masters/postgraduate student: Masters students generally have about one year to complete their programmes. The fact that it is such a short period of time means that they don’t have enough time to adapt to the system and take advantage of the opportunities available to them. An undergraduate fresher has three years to make mistakes and learn from it.

Why are you creating an online community: I have come to discover the power of a support network and I know how amazing it is to interact in the same space with people who want to succeed like you.


Imagine being in a group with like-minded people who will be sharing information and experiences that will be useful to your success journey because they are just like you.


Imagine that you’d have access to students like you in other universities where you can exchange materials, information, suggestions, and mastermind together to ensure you make the most of your time as an international student.


Imagine you have a group where you’ll regularly receive words of encouragement and support as you navigate through a new and different educational system.


The online community is something I would have loved to have during my time as a student and so I want to create this amazing experience for others.


Can I join the online community without paying for the course? The only way I know that you are determined to succeed on this journey and you’ll be a good fit to join the community is if you are willing to invest in the valuable information the online course will deliver.


Can non-Nigerians take this course: Yes, it will be valuable for any postgraduate international student coming to study in the UK for the first time. It is because I am familiar with the Nigerian education system and I am more confident that I will be bridging gaps for Nigerian students more than students from other countries.


Why not give the online course for free? I have put so much value into the online course and I would like to attract those who can recognize the value and are willing to invest in their future. If I give it for free it won’t be taken seriously. Secondly, the cost of putting together the online course was quite substantial, if I am to replicate this system of giving value to more people in the future somebody has to pay for it.


I don’t need the course but I like the work you are doing, what should I do? Spread the word, share it with your networks, be inspired to create value in your own way.


What if people don’t want to pay for the course? I have done my part, I received an inspired idea, I have delivered. It is up to those who it is meant for, to do their own part. I have done myself proud by completing this task, and I am inspired to do more. Those who need it will recognize it is for them and they will pay. Those who don’t need it, don’t need it.


How can I make payment? You can transfer directly to my Nigerian account through online bank transfer, western union, or world remit. If you have any substantial challenges paying to my Nigerian account, email me at I will find an alternative.


After payment what next? Please complete this form


If I have questions after taking the course? We will meet in our Facebook group for discussions.


Why are you passionate about education? I embarked on a journey of self-discovery and realized that education is one of the vehicles to my purpose, I am turning it tangible products to leave an impact in the life of others.

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