Welcome to Lesson one

Welcome to the first lesson.

In this lesson, I cover three main topics;

  • The importance of evaluating the course you have come to study.
  • The importance of defining your goals for after the course
  • Identifying what you need to achieve your goals. It is not enough to have goals, you should also be aware of what you need to achieve those goals.

First things first part one.

First things first part two


"Wow! Nice! The 2nd part of the 1st video in the series really brought the tips all together. It drove the points home. I must confess that it was very helpful. By the way, I took some notes, paused, and had to do some introspection within me, as to my career plans for the future, and how I intend to go about getting prepared even as I commence my studies here in Oxford...sincerely, I don't see how any fresher into the UK educational system (or any other country for that matter) would not find the course useful". - Emmanuel Taiwo (Postgraduate student at Oxford)

Still haven't registered your interest for full the course? send an email to mailobybridget@gmail.com


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